Adele Thomas

Family Connections: 1998 Directory of Family Literacy Projects Across Canada (1997)

This 1998 directory represents an opportunity to recognize and celebrate projects that have supported the literacy development of families across the country.

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Family Literacy in Canada (1998)

Profiles of Effective Practices

This document attempts to bring together a sample of family literacy programs representing the range of family literacy approaches in different communities across Canada. Rather than a survey written in one voice by someone relatively unfamiliar with specific programs, it is written in the many voices of practitioners who have been closely involved in the establishment and maintenance of family literacy programs.

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Assessment and Evaluation Strategies in Family Literacy Program Development (1996)

This guide is the result of the shared experiences over a two year period of four community based literacy programs which implemented and reviewed a variety of assessment procedures for family literacy evaluation.

This practical and informative resource guide for literacy practitioners was prepared for the National Literacy Secretariat and the Ontario Training and Adjustment Board.

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