Alison Sutton

Pedagogy in practice (2005)

an observational study of literacy, numeracy and language teachers

The aim of this New Zealand study was to gain an overview of how teachers teach literacy, numeracy and language (LNL) in New Zealand, by observing 15 literacy, language and numeracy teachers from tertiary institutions, community organisations, workplaces and private training establishments.

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Working in the Light of Evidence, as well as Aspiration (2005)

A Literature Review of the Best Available Evidence about Effective Adult Literacy, Numeracy and Language Teaching

This document originates from the New Zealand Ministry of Education. The purpose of this literature review is to provide a critical evaluation of the available research evidence about effective practices in literacy, numeracy and language (LNL) teaching and programme provision in order to inform policy development within the broader arena of foundation learning.

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Summative Evaluation of the Manukau Family Literacy Project (2004)

This is the fourth evaluation report on the pilot Manukau Family Literacy Programme (MFLP).

This report has two parts:
- A summative evaluation of the 2004 programme (Sections 1 - 5) which looks at programme outcomes of the MFLP, using a range of data sources for evidence of changes in both the adult participants and their children across a number of aspects – academic, family, personal and social.

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