Anne-Marie Kaskens

Supporting task-based programming related to using digital technology: Developed for Literacy and Basic Skills practitioners in Ontario - Package 1 (2012)

Includes sample tasks for using digital technology for employment and for managing money

This document is housed on the AlphaPlus server, where it can be downloaded in PDF format.

This resource has been designed to support the use of digital technology in Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) programs within the context of the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework (OALCF). It features two theme areas: work using digital technology, and managing money using digital technology.

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"I've opened up" (2006)

Exploring Learners' Perspectives on Progress

This project explored what constitutes progress in community-based literacy programs from the perspective of learners. The research took place between December 2004 and January 2006.

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Cashier Demonstration - LBS Level 3/4 (2005)

The Cashier Demonstration LBS Level 3 booklet gives learners and instructors information on a career as a cashier.

It includes essential core skills chart, demonstrations, resources and other useful information.

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