Barbara Ronson

Literacy and Health Research in Canada: Where Have We Been and Where Should We Go? (2005)

This article reviews current literature and research on literacy and health and identifies priorities for research on this topic in Canada. The review found that low literacy has direct and indirect impacts on health. Families are at risk due to difficulty reading medication prescriptions, baby formula instructions and health and safety education materials.

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Literacy and Health in Canada: What We Have Learned and What Can Help in the Future? (Clear Language Edition) (2004)

A Research Report

Health and Literacy are linked. We have learned that people with reading problems have more health problems. We need to learn how to make it easier for people who don't read well to be healthy.

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National Literacy and Health Research Program Needs Assessment and Environmental Scan (2002)

The objectives of this study were to identify:
-gaps in knowledge in literacy and health research in Canada;
-current and proposed initiatives in literacy and health in Canada;
-resources and opportunities for research in literacy and health in Canada.

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