Canadian Council on Learning (CCL)

Report on the 2008 National Symposium - Community Sustainability: Toward a culture of adult learning in Canada (2008)

The Adult Learning Knowledge Centre (AdLKC) is an initiative of the Canadian Council on Learning, a national independent, not-for-profit organization funded through an agreement with Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. Community Sustainability and Learning was the theme of AdLKC’s third national symposium, held June 23-25, 2008, in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

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Connecting the Dots... (2007)

Linking Training Investment to Business Outcomes and the Economy

Canada’s preparedness to compete in the increasingly competitive, knowledge-based, global marketplace appears to be in jeopardy because of a lack of awareness that investing in the human capacity of Canada’s workforce is paramount to success.

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An Exploration of Work and Learning Opportunities in New Brunswick (2007)

Report #5

This project on work and learning opportunities in New Brunswick was born out of a perception within the provincial government, and among post-secondary institutions and employers from the public and private sectors, that more needs to be done to foster a better learning environment for post-secondary students and for retaining highly qualified high school and post-secondary graduates in the province.

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A Portrait of Work-related Learning in Quebec (2008)

Work and Learning

Quebec has experienced substantial growth in adult learning and training over the last decade. Despite this progress, however, no overall quantitative or qualitative assessment on this topic has been carried out recently. Drawing on the existing data, this paper provides an initial and essentially descriptive overview of the adult learning and training that is provided in companies in Quebec.

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Workplace Learning (2007)

Understanding Return on Investment to Training & Other Business Results

This document includes the following articles:
- It's the Talent, Stupid
- Employee Training Delivers Results
- Investment in Apprenticeship Nets Positive Return for Employers
- How to Measure Training ROI
- A New Frontier for Workplace Literacy

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Integrating Equity, Addressing Barriers: Innovative Learning Practices by Unions (2007)

In seeking innovative learning practices, this project was particularly devoted to increasing knowledge of education programs that address systemic barriers related to class, age, gender, sexual orientation, race and cultural background, disability, literacy, language, lack of formal education as well as barriers faced by workers in small or remote areas, by part-time workers, by shift workers.

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