Helen Woodrow

Focused on Practice (2006)

A Framework for Adult Literacy Research in Canada

This is the report of a national project aimed at discovering what is happening across Canada in adult literacy Research in Practice (RiP) and developing a framework that would support such research.

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Finding Lost Luggage (1996)

Journeys in Language, Learning and Culture

Finding Lost Luggage by Helen Woodrow is a story in the book Wayfering Journeys in Language, Learning and Culture, it is a collection of writings by ABE instructors and students in Newfoundland brought together for a "language awareness project", designed to explore attitudes, beliefs, and knowledge about language and the teaching of language.

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Looking Back, Looking In: Reports from Bearing Blossoms...Sowing Seeds (2001)

A Gathering about Literacy Research in Practice

This book is the result of a "Gathering", Bearing Blossoms…Sowing Seeds about literacy research in practice sponsored by the Literacy Coordinators of Alberta, in partnership with the Centre for Research on Literacy, University of Alberta, and The Learning Centre Literacy Association, Edmonton.

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Strong as the Ocean (1996)

Women's Work in the Newfoundland and Labrador Fisheries

Frances Ennis and Helen Woodrow edited this book about women`s work in the Newfoundland and Labrador fisheries.

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