Judy Rose

The Learning Side of the Equation (2010)

ABE/Literacy Students Explore Effective Teaching

The author of this document, a teacher of Adult Basic Education (ABE) and literacy, has interviewed learners about what they consider effective teaching.

The subjects answered questions about how they ended up in ABE programs; whether they could recall good teachers they had encountered; how they would describe their style of learning; and what they would do if they were given the chance to design an ABE program.

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Hardwired for Hope (2004)

Effective ABE/Literacy Instructors

This research document examines the question, “What makes an effective ABE/Literacy instructor?” It documents the thoughts, feelings, strategies and techniques of some effective literacy/ABE instructors in British Columbia. Recommendations are also presented, intended to help institutions offering ABE/Literacy programs and ABE/Literacy practitioners, groups planning a research project, and funders.

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