Literacy Partners of Manitoba (LPM)

Aboriginal Literacy Symposium 2011: New Relationships, New Opportunities! (2012)

Symposium Report

This document outlines the proceedings of a two-day conference on Aboriginal literacy, held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in November 2011.

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Starting a Business (2012)

Written in plain language, this brief guide outlines the steps required to start a business. The authors discuss developing an idea; thinking of a name; finding money to get the business started; writing a business plan; and where to go for help.

They also explain how each of the nine Essential Skills can help with establishing and running a business.

The guide includes a crossword puzzle that uses business-related words.

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Going to the Library (2011)

This booklet offers an introduction, in clear language, to the resources available at a library. The authors explain that libraries lend people books, movies and music; offer programs; provide a space to study or read; and have computers available for patrons’ use.

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Financial Literacy Resources in Manitoba (2010)

Understanding What is Available

This presentation offers both an introduction to basic money issues and links to a variety of online resources that offer further information.

For instance, the authors begin by explaining that a budget is simply a plan for managing money in order to pay expenses and achieve financial goals. Then they provide links to online resource guides and interactive tools that people can use to set personal budgets.

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September 8: International Literacy Day - Take 5 and Read Challenge! [Video - 0:58] (2011)

This one-minute promotional video was prepared by Literacy Partners of Manitoba to celebrate International Literacy Day, observed annually on September 8. It features an official from the organization talking about the benefits of reading.

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Being Safe at Work (2011)

Workplace Health & Safety Guidebook in Plain Language

The authors of this guide, written in clear language, discuss Manitoba’s workplace safety laws and explain the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers with regard to maintaining a safe work environment.

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Write On! Magazine, Spring 2010 (2010)

Volume 20 No 2

The goal of this magazine is to showcase the work of adult learners and practitioners. This issue includes fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Among the personal memoirs in this issue is one young woman’s story of her struggle to break the cycle of alcohol abuse in her family. There is also an account of the relocation of a Dene community in Manitoba.

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Write On! Magazine, May 2009 (2009)

Volume 19 No 2

The goal of this magazine is to showcase the work of adult learners and practitioners. This issue includes an interview with a teacher in Manitoba’s Newcomer Literacy Initiative and a feature on Aboriginal actor Adam Beach.

Learner writings in this issue include an article on powwows; an essay about the decision to become a parent; and one man’s recollections of his move from Costa Rica to Winnipeg.

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Write On! Magazine, January 2009 (2009)

Volume 19 No 1

The goal of this magazine is to showcase the work of adult learners and practitioners. This issue includes feature stories about a Nigerian immigrant who is attending school for the first time and about innovative adult education programs.

Learner writings in this issue include one woman’s literacy story, some personal recollections, poems and creative fiction.

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Demystifying Adult Literacy for Volunteer Tutors (1996)

A Reference Handbook and Resource Guide

"Demystifying Adult Literacy For Volunteer Tutors: A Reference Handbook and Resource Guide" is a compilation of some of this background information gathered from a variety of different sources.

Each section ends with a list of references from which the information is obtained.

This Reference Handbook and Resource Guide is intended as a 'tool' for new and more experienced tutors, to provide background information about:

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