Sherri-Leigh Vervaeke

Kindergarten screening for reading disabilities (2007)

Journal of Applied Research on Learning, Vol. 1, No.1, Article 5, 2007

The authors of this study designed and measured the efficacy of a kindergarten screening tool aimed at identifying children at risk for reading disabilities.

The study is a longitudinal one that followed 499 Saskatchewan children from kindergarten through Grade 3. The kindergarten screening process consisted of assessments of phonological awareness and letter-sound understanding.

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An exploratory study of the associations between speech and language difficulties and phonological awareness in preschool children (2010)

Journal of Applied Research on Learning, Vol. 3, Article 7, 2010

This study looks at preschool speech and language impairments and the role they play in a child’s phonological awareness, the awareness of the sound structure of spoken words. Phonological awareness is considered a reliable predictor of later reading ability.

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