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La Boîte à Jeux: Building Connections Between High School and Elementary School Students Through Information and Communications Technology
Lab 1 B: Adding, Averaging and Working with Percent
Lab 1: Entering , Formatting and Saving Data in an Excel Spreadsheet
Lab 2: Finding the Mean, Median, & Mode
Lab 3: Measures of Central Tendency & Dispersion
Lab 4: Constructing Pie Charts and Circle Graphs
Lab 5: Interpreting Pie Charts or Circle Graphs
Lab 6: Constructing Bar and Column Graphs
Lab 7: Interpreting Bar or Column Graphs
Lab 8: Creating a Frequency Distribution and a Histogram
Lab 9: Scatter Diagrams and Lines of Best Fit
Labour - Management Relations in Canada
Labour Force Analysis and Human Resource Development Strategy for the District of Algoma
Labour Market Agreement: Annual Implementation Plan 2008-2009
Labour Market Employability in Richmond County
Labour Market Study of Literacy and Essential Skills Workers in Canada – Webinar presented by Anne Ramsay, March 13, 2013
Labour Market Study of the Literacy and Essential Skills Workforce: Report on Key Informant Interviews – Aboriginal, Francophone and Anglophone
Labour Market Study – Overview
Labour Productivity in the Canadian Tourism Sector
Labour-Management Relations in Canada: Trends and Impacts
Lack of Child Care A Barrier to Women Learners
Lady Bountiful: The White Woman Teacher in Multicultural Education
Landscape of Literacy and Disability in Canada
Language Arts Lesson Plans
Language for Work: CLB and Essential Skills for ESL Instructors
Language for Work: CLB and Essential Skills for Job Analysts
Language for Work: CLB and Essential Skills for Trainers
Language, Literacy & Healthy Development: The Work of CAPC and CPNP Projects
Languages of the Land
LAPS Activity 2: A Fresh Look
Large scale international surveys of adult competencies: Implications for adult learning in linguistic minority settings
Laubach Literacy of Canada - Complete Strategic Plan 2003-2013
Laubach Literacy of Canada: Report Card
Laundromat Operator Demonstration - LBS Level 4
Laws about Pay
Laws about Pay
LBS College Program Policies and Procedures
LD Online
Lean on Learning to leverage continuous improvements
Learn All About What's in the News
Learn anywhere [Video – 0:30]
Learner Centred Intake and Assessment Process for Literacy Programs in Saskatchewan Manual
Learner Dreams [Video - 9:10]
Learner Skill Attainment - Framework
Learner Stories
Learner Voting Guide
Learner-centred / Woman-positive: Research with Adult Literary Programs
Learners Advisory Network Completes Voice Software Research Project and Fact Sheet
Learners Speak Out [Video - 9:58]
Learning ...... To Live


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