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Choosing a job
Choosing Life: Bobby's Story - Student Activities
Choosing Life: Bobby's Story - Teacher's Guide
Christmas Week
Chronicling the Learning Curve
Chrysler Canada Ltd.'s Windsor Experiment: Benchmarking Against Global Best Practices
Circling the Drum: A National Aboriginal Family Literacy Strategy
Citizenship Resource: A classroom resource for teaching citizenship topics to adult English language learners – Canadian Language Benchmarks 1-8
Citizenship – Fact Sheet
City of Moncton
City of Vancouver
Civic Engagement for Immigrant Women
CLAD Thesaurus
Claiming the Right to Learn
Classroom Accommodations for Teachers of Students with Learning Difficulties
CLB Support Kit – Section 1 Part I, II and III
CLB Support Kit – Section 2 Part IV – Exemplars for the Receptive Skills
CLB Support Kit – Section 3 Part IV – Exemplars for the Productive Skills
CLBC Handbook
Cleaning a Mouse
Clear Language
Clear Language and Organizational Change
Clear Language Driver's Guide – Cars and light trucks
Clear Language Guide for the Construction Industry
Clear Language Guide for the Food Services Industry
Clear Workplace Communication (A)
Clear Workplace Communication (B): Learning to Negotiate in the Workplace
Clear Writing and Design
Clear Writing and Literacy
Clearer Sightlines to Employment: What Works for Job-Seekers with Low Educational Attainment
Clerical Curriculum – Essential Skills Training
Client Booklet: Numeracy – Level 1
Client Booklet: Numeracy – Level 2
Client Booklet: Reading – Level 1
Client Booklet: Reading – Level 2
Client's Booklet – Writing – Level 1
Client's Booklet: Writing – Level 2
Closing the Skills Gap: Mapping a Path for Small Business - Report of the Symposium on Skills and Small Business held on November 14, 2012 in Toronto
Cloud Computing: What is cloud computing and why is it important for Adult Literacy?
CLTA Web Site
Cognitive Tools and the Acquisition of Literacy
Colin Edmonds English Freeware Series
Collaboration for Local Economic Development: The Role of Public Educational Institutions
Collaborative Action Research: A Catalyst for Enhancing the Practice of Community Youth Mapping
Collaborative Evaluation
Collaborative learning in an Aboriginal Adult Literacy Centre
Collaborative Needs Assessment
Collaborative Workplace Development
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