Engagement for Literacy: a Report on the Consultations (1997)

Response to the International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS)

Consultations on the results of the IALS were held in Vancouver, Regina, Toronto and Fredericton. Each involved literacy organizations and stakeholders in the literacy movement. A wide range of professions and organizations were represented at the consultations including community colleges, universities, provincial government, multicultural organizations, chambers of commerce, associations, not-for-profit organizations and consultants. All consultations reported a good level of involvement, dialogue and networking among participants.

Each consultation began with a presentation of the IALS followed by a question and answer period. Participants left with a package of information on IALS, a commitment to further discussion and networking, and a strong inclination to take action on the findings. Most groups agreed to convene again with the purpose of generating further solutions and concrete actions to be taken. Many common areas of dialogue surfaced, including, among other areas :
- IALS findings were helpful in describing the adult literacy scene in Canada;
- For most, literacy encompasses more than the definition used in IALS;
- The literacy challenge in Canada affects everyone and more than the populations included in IALS;
- The benefits of adult literacy education reaches beyond economic health.

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