StorySacks [Video – 2:41] (2009)

This video explains how to make a storysack consisting of a book with props, games and ideas for activities to engage children in reading.

Eric Carle’s popular book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” is the basis for the storysack being prepared in this video.

The sack is brown, to suggest the caterpillar’s cocoon. In addition to the book itself, the sack contains a puppet that changes from a caterpillar into a butterfly; toy food items; information about the lifecycle of the butterfly; cards that a child can put in order to show the sequence of the story; and suggestions for other activities.

The narrator explains that storysacks can be used in family literacy programs, libraries, and in the home. They appeal particularly to toddlers who might otherwise not want to sit still for a story.

To see a video that shows this particular storysack in use, please click here:

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