Adult Learning: From Theory to Practice (2012)

This resource was revised in 2012, but was originally published in 2002. It is an online course intended for tutors in the Canadian adult literacy community. It can be used by individuals in a self-paced format, or by groups, either online or offline.

The course is divided into three modules. The first looks at current adult learning theory, while the second module relates this theory to the practice of adult education. A third module blends theory and practice and provides tutors with some ideas about the factors that influence adult learning, including the need for a learner-centred approach, relevant to their experience; self-directed learning; and a collaborative approach to planning and assessment.

The author says the document is not intended to be a “how to” course. Instead, the goal is to encourage adult literacy tutors to reflect critically on the notion of a teaching-learning continuum.

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