Equity Across the Curriculum (1997)

At the beginning of 1993, East End Literacy in the Toronto area initiated an anti-discrimination change process. This process involved every level of the organization : the board of directors, staff and volunteers, and the programs and servives provided to more than 150 adults each year. As a result, East End Literacy has made significant progress in identifying existing barriers and making changes accordingly throughout the organization. Such changes have included the development of anti-discrimination and employment equity policies, the introduction of anti-discrimination training for tutors and staff, and the addition of community-based requirements to the board requirement policy.

This book aims to ease the dealing with organizational change and its surrounding issues. Significant time has been devoted to examining strategies and approaches to achieving equity, and information is provided on how to plan and start an organizational change process - from identifying systemic barriers in the delivery of services, to measuring progress over the long term. The book presents an opportunity to spend time working at the relationship between tutoring content on the one hand, and community-based literacy philosophy on the other.

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