Pattern Spelling [Video - 5:04] (2010)

Featuring Kate Nonesuch, Literacy Educator and Curriculum Writer

In this video, literacy educator Kate Nonesuch explains how instructors can use word families to help learners build their spelling skills.

As an example, she uses the word family based on the letter combination “ail.” The students put a “b” in front of it to come up with the word “bail,” then add a variety of prefixes and suffixes to come up with other words, including bailed, bailing and bailer.

The instructor works through the alphabet, putting a different letter in front of the “ail” stem and asking students to modify that word through the addition of prefixes and suffixes. In this way, a student can learn to spell a four-syllable word like “unfailingly” by building on a simple stem.

The video is part of a series prepared by Literacy Nova Scotia.

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