Can Learning Disabilities Explain Low Literacy Performance? (2010)

This report explores the relationship between self-reported Learning Disabilities (LD) and low literacy performance, using the Canadian portion of the data from the 2003 International Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey (IALSS).

Specifically, the author focuses on two issues: the influence of LD status on prose literacy scores, after controlling for a number of variables known to affect literacy; and whether the variables most strongly associated with LD are the same as those for low literacy skill.

Based on his observations, the author concludes that learning disabilities and low literacy should be recognized as being so closely related that differentiating between them is unnecessary and overly burdensome to both individuals and to the education system.

At the same time, learning disabilities are not the only reason for poorly developed reading skills and it is better to provide assistance to all who need it by tailoring services according to need.

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