Clerical Curriculum – Essential Skills Training (2011)

This curriculum has been designed for adults who want to strengthen their reading, writing, math, and other Essential Skills in preparation for an entry-level position or for further training in clerical work. It provides information and activities related to real work in the clerical field, as well as demonstration activities that can be included in a job application.

The curriculum contains sections for both the learner and the practitioner. The section for learners includes modules on thinking skills, documents and forms, record management, communication, and the workplace environment.

The practitioner’s guide offers suggestions for teaching the material, along with answer keys for the various learning activities.

The curriculum is suitable for a variety of learners, including those who are planning to enter the workforce for the first time; people who are changing careers; new Canadians who need to know more about the Canadian workplace; employees who are trying to improve their skills; and people who want to improve their Essential Skills.

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