Workplace Essential Skills Program: Strategic Plan 2011-2014 (2012)

New Brunswick’s Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour (PETL) began developing its Workplace Essential Skills (WES) program in the fall of 2009 in response to a growing skills gap in the province as a result of changing labour demands. It offers an accelerated path for lower-skilled adults to gain the knowledge and skills they require for employment.

An implementation evaluation was conducted in 2010, and the final report was submitted in February 2011. The findings of the implementation evaluation, along with feedback from program staff, partners and stakeholders, provided a foundation for the strategic planning process for the program.

This document sets out four priorities for the WES program in the time frame indicated: increasing reach and capacity; clarifying measures of success and establishing key performance indicators; further improving the quality and effectiveness of service delivery; and developing and enhancing strategic partnerships.

The authors have also included an explanation of the nine Essential Skills and a discussion of the benefits of workplace training in those skills.

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