Workforce Essential Skills: Putting literacy to work (2010)

This guide grew out of a two-year research study investigating workforce Essential Skills (ES) approaches and implementation processes. It includes information about what workforce ES programming is; how it can be designed; and who benefits from it.

The authors describe workforce ES as programming geared to improving adults’ skills on the road to employment, but also note that it can be appropriate for people who are already employed and want to enhance the skills they need on the job.

The process of developing a workforce ES program has been divided into five stages: needs identification; resource allocation; program design; implementation; and refinement.

For each stage, the authors supplement their general directions with quotes and real-life reflections from the partners who participated in the research study. Those partners include a First Nations group in British Columbia; a college in Saskatchewan; a literacy network in Ontario; an adult education centre in New Brunswick; and an employment support program in Nova Scotia.

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