Printing Machine Operator – Essential Skills (2011)

This occupational curriculum has been developed to help learners strengthen their reading, writing, and other Essential Skills in preparation for an entry-level position that can provide on-the-job training in the printing industry.

The first section is aimed at the learner and includes information on what a printing machine operator does; an explanation of essential skills; information about the National Occupational Classification (NOC) system; and tips on how to find job profiles on the Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) website.

Learners are expected to have a working knowledge of English and some basic computer skills in order to use the curriculum.

The second section is aimed at practitioners. While most of the information practitioners need in order to teach this curriculum is found within the modules written for the learners, this section does offer some additional information, as well as guidelines for evaluating the learning activities.

The document also contains demonstration activities focusing on job bank research and the preparation of a work order. Each activity includes questions to help the learner reflect on how well the activity was performed and recognize areas that need improvement.

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