Written Conversation [Video - 7:11] (2010)

Featuring Katie Gowan, Literacy Coordinator of the Eastern Shore Musquodoboit Valley Network and literacy learners Evangeline Brown and Barry Blakeney of the Halifax Community Learning Network

This video features literacy instructors and learners in Nova Scotia, demonstrating how conversing in written form can build literacy skills.

The instructor might start by writing a question like “How are you?” on a piece of paper, then hand the paper over to the learner, who writes a response. The instructor can ask simple questions if the learner’s skills are basic or more challenging questions if the learner is more advanced.

Written conversation can be adapted to meet a variety of situations. For instance, a computer can be used instead of pencil and paper, and the technique can be used with small groups as well as in one-to-one instruction.

The video includes suggestions for helping the learner overcome nervousness about writing and ideas for helping the learner build vocabulary and spelling skills.

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