Economic Downturn and Educational Attainment (2012)

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The global economy went through a volatile period between 2008 and 2011. In Canada, that period was marked by an economic downturn that began in the fourth quarter of 2008 and was followed by a time of apparent recovery in employment after the third quarter of 2009.

Statistics Canada analyzed the impact of economic changes on individuals with different levels of educational attainment in order to identify which groups have been most affected by the economic downturn and which have benefitted most from the recovery.

Those with less than a high school diploma suffered the greatest net employment losses during the economic downturn. Employment losses were less severe for those with postsecondary education and their employment rates were not as negatively affected.

Subsequently, the number of employed individuals among those with a postsecondary education recovered more quickly than among those without a postsecondary credential, despite a continued increase in the population with postsecondary credentials.

The data used for the analysis are from Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey (LFS).

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