Exploring Learner Pathways: Meeting at the LBS/ESL Intersections (2012)

Final Report

This is the final report on a research project carried out by Metro Toronto Movement for Literacy (MTML) to explore the experiences of adults who need both English as a Second Language (ESL) training and literacy education.

The report includes findings from focus groups with LBS learners in Toronto and the York Region of Ontario. The report also includes information gathered from practitioners and key stakeholders on how literacy programs are responding the needs of this particular group of learners.

Based on their findings, the authors recommend improving access to information about the range of learning and training programs by both federal and provincial governments; creating opportunities for service delivery agencies to increase their awareness of each other; developing and implementing a screening and assessment approach that is flexible and responsive to the complex needs of the learners; providing a greater diversity of language training and literacy programs to address the distinct needs of different groups of learners; and supporting partnerships and collaborative initiatives between language and literacy providers.

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