Parents' role in their children's homework (2008)

Lessons in Learning – February 7, 2008

According to a 2007 survey, 72 percent of Canadian parents feel that homework is a frequent source of household stress, though most parents also believe that it is a valuable learning tool.

This document contains advice, culled from a variety of sources, on how parents can reduce the stress level and ensure that homework is a good learning experience for their children.

The authors encourage parents not to become directly involved in their children’s homework. Instead, they should encourage good homework practices by providing a quiet, well-lit study space and ensuring that all required materials are available.

Parents can help children manage both their time and their workload by making sure that adequate time is set aside for homework; checking to ensure that work is not put off until the last minute; and encouraging children to start with the more difficult tasks, while their ability to concentrate isn’t affected by fatigue.

If parents notice that a child is experiencing undue difficulty with homework, they should communicate with the child’s teacher, who can provide the best advice on how parents can help and on what other sources of assistance are available.

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