Who Does What in Foreign Credential Recognition (2010)

An Overview of Credentialing Programs and Services in Canada

This document provides an overview of Foreign Credential Recognition (FCR), which is the process of verifying education, training and job experience obtained in another country and comparing it to the standards established for Canadian professionals.

The authors explain that FCR services may be offered by the federal government; provincial/territorial governments; some major municipal jurisdictions; occupational regulatory bodies; and educational and academic institutions, colleges and institutes. There are also initiatives undertaken by groups of stakeholders.

They go on to explain that FCR services can take many forms, including assessing prior learning; testing language proficiency; and determining professional competence.

The authors note that there is a price to be paid when foreign credentials are not recognized in an efficient manner. They point out that in Canada, many regions face shortages of health workers but qualified newcomers are prevented from filling those jobs because their credentials have not been recognized.

This document was published by The Alliance of Sector Councils (TASC), the network of Canada’s sector councils dedicated to implementing industry-driven labour market solutions in key sectors of the economy. For more information about TASC, please click here: http://www.councils.org.

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