Digital storytelling workshop at Douglas College [Video – 3:37] (2011)

This video provides a look at how digital storytelling became another means of expression for learners in the Individualized Community Adult Reading Education (I CARE) program at Douglas College in British Columbia. The program helps adults who want to improve their basic reading, writing, and numeracy skills by matching them with trained tutors.

Learners are encouraged to write stories, read them aloud, and submit them for publication in the program’s newsletter. But some learners lack confidence in their writing skills and are reluctant to share their stories. Digital storytelling provides another tool for students with diverse learning styles and learning difficulties to tell their stories.

The college organized a number of digital storytelling workshops. While some people were nervous at first about this new technology, they learned that digital storytelling is merely the latest twist on an ancient tradition that includes telling tales around a campfire or sharing stories at the kitchen table.

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