Material Handler – Essential Skills Training (2011)

Based on the job profile for a material handler, this occupational curriculum is designed to help learners prepare for entry-level positions in the workforce. Material handlers are responsible for moving, loading, and unloading goods, and may be employed by transportation companies and storage and moving firms, or in factories and warehouses.

The first section, aimed at learners, includes readings and learning activities that explain the nature of both material handling and Essential Skills. It also provides information about the National Occupational Classification (NOC) system and explains how to find job profiles on the Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) website.

Practitioners teaching the curriculum will find much of the information they need within the modules written for learners. However, the second section of the document does offer further information, including answer keys for the various learning activities, and guidelines for evaluating learners' responses.

The document contains a number of demonstration activities based on the kinds of situations encountered in a job search or in the workplace. For instance, one activity requires the learner to create advertisements for jobs in the material handling field, while another requires the learner to follow a memo's instructions to prepare an order for shipment.

This curriculum is not intended to be the sole means of teaching the required Essential Skills, the authors note. Learners will still need other resources and activities to support this material.

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