Selling Techniques [Video – 7:46] (2008)

This video is one of the resources prepared as part of the Emerit professional training program developed by the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC).

The narrators point out that in the tourism sector, almost every buying decision comes from choice, rather than necessity, which means selling techniques are very important. Employees must quickly and accurately recognize the needs of customer; understand the product thoroughly; and present it in a way that makes the customer want it.

The video also focuses on three specific techniques often used in the tourism sector: upselling, suggestive selling, and cross-selling. All three are ways to offer additional features or benefits to increase customer enjoyment and increase revenue.

A scenario shows a waitress using all three techniques. Upselling occurs when she draws the customers’ attention to an expensive premium dish, and suggestive selling is used when she encourages them to try a particular side salad. When the customers ask for suggestions about somewhere to hear some live music after dinner, she directs them to a nightclub under the same ownership as the restaurant.

The CTHRC addresses labour market issues and promotes professionalism in the tourism sector.

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