Time for a change: learning disabilities or abilities? (2011)

This guide has been designed to help both literacy tutors and their students understand the impacts of learning disabilities or unmet learning needs. The author notes that a learner’s prior experiences and emotional reactions to learning can pose greater barriers to success than the learning difference itself.

The guide has been organized into two sections. The first offers information and tools to help tutors gather information about a student’s past experiences as a learner, including challenges the learner encountered and how they were dealt with. The second section provides suggestions and worksheets for addressing negative self talk, identifying learning styles, and developing appropriate learning strategies.

The author notes that the resources can be used at any time, but may be especially helpful as an introduction and as a tool for building a relationship.

The document is part of the Learning Disabilities and Whole Life Project, developed to help adult literacy educators address learning disabilities among their students.

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