Essential Skills Needs Assessment of the Trucking Industry (2002)

The goal of this report, published by the Canadian Trucking Human Resources Council (CTHRC), is to identify Essential Skills-related learning needs in the current and future driver and dispatcher workforce and to recommend strategies for meeting these needs.

The Canadian trucking industry faces a variety of challenges, including changes in technology; a shortage of qualified drivers; and changes in regulations. A significant number of professional drivers have poor skills in reading text, making it difficult for them to adapt to industry changes.

Many documents that drivers need to read are too complex because they were not developed in accordance with the principles of clear language. As well, in some areas of Canada, recent immigrants have trouble communicating orally in English.

The report recommends the development of industry-specific Test of Workplace Essential Skills (TOWES) assessments for key occupations in the industry benchmarked to the CTHRC’s occupational standards for Essential Skills; the development of industry-specific curricula to upgrade reading, document use, and numeracy skills; and the forging of partnerships with Aboriginal organizations in order to tap into an underutilized source of potential employees.

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