Marketing and Promoting Literacy With Webinars (2012)

The word webinar can be used to refer to all kinds of online training and virtual presentations, says the author of this document. Using webinar technology in the non-profit and educational sectors is beneficial for staff, volunteers, and community stakeholders.

The document contains suggestions for learners, staff and volunteers, and the community on using webinars for a variety of purposes. For learners, webinars can provide an opportunity for online tutoring or for group classes. Staff and volunteers may find webinars helpful for orientation and professional development, and the community can be invited to a virtual open house via a webinar.

The author also provided a checklist to make sure everything is in place on the day of the webinar.

The document has been licensed under Creative Commons, a non-profit organization that has developed copyright licences that allow creators to specify which rights they reserve and which rights they waive regarding the use of their work.

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