Professionalization in Adult Literacy Practice in Ontario (2006)

This discussion paper grew out of the findings of research by the Ontario Literacy Coalition (OLC), now called Essential Skills Ontario (ESO) on the topic of professionalization, carried out as part of a knowledge exchange project funded by the Adult Learning Knowledge Centre of the Canadian Council on Learning (CCL).

The authors note that professionalization has been one of the least studied approaches to professional development and performance improvement in the field of adult literacy in Ontario. Their goal is to make the case for initiating a serious and active discussion on the topic.

The paper is organized into sections focusing on factors that have emerged recently to prompt discussion of professionalization in Ontario; international trends, particularly in England, New Zealand, and the United States; recent professionalization initiatives in K-12 education in Ontario; demands for performance accountability within the field; and a discussion of the conflict and controversy around different visions of adult literacy in Ontario using the analytic concept of substantive accountability.

The authors note that in both conceptual and practical terms, professionalization is different from professional development, and is about much more than enhancement of individual skills of literacy practitioners. Professional development is necessary, but is not sufficient by itself to help adult literacy practitioners improve the quality of service delivery.

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