Disabilities – Fact Sheet (2012)

This fact sheet offers an overview of the impact of disabilities on literacy and suggests ways to help people with disabilities become fully integrated into society.

The authors note that one Canadian in seven over the age of 15 has a disability. About 50 percent of Canadians with disabilities experience barriers to literacy, and 20 percent of adults with disabilities have less than a Grade 9 education, more than double the rate for non-disabled adults.

They call for increased communication between disability organizations and literacy programs; the development of training about relevant issues for staff and volunteers; the creation of funding and policy initiatives at both the federal and provincial levels to promote disability and literacy programs; and continuing efforts to break down any lingering stereotypes about those affected by disabilities.

This document is part of a series developed by the Canadian Literacy and Learning Network (CLLN) to address a variety of literacy-related topics.

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