Quality Self-Assessment – Pilot Project Summary Report (2012)

One priority identified in the adult literacy strategy released by New Brunswick’s Department of Post-Secondary Education Training and Labour (PETL) in 2009 was to ensure the quality and effectiveness of adult literacy programs.

The department’s Community Adult Learning Services (CALS) branch launched a quality initiative with the goal of developing a framework to guide the department and its partners in their efforts to understand, measure, and improve the quality of programs and services in the province. The framework was designed to apply to all adult Literacy and Essential Skills service delivery undertaken by or on behalf of CALS, including Community Adult Learning Network (CALNet) community-based programs; CALS Workplace Essential Skills (WES) Program; Laubach Literacy New Brunswick (LLNB) one-to-one tutoring services; and La Fédération d’alphabétisation du Nouveau-Brunswick (FANB) family literacy programs.

This document outlines a pilot project designed to meet one of the goals, the undertaking of mentored quality self-assessment pilots.

Between September 2011 and March 2012, four organizations around the province tested and evaluated the Quality Self-Assessment (QSA) process and the QSA instrument, submitting monthly progress reports and producing a pilot project evaluation report.

The authors note that all the organizations agreed that the QSA process provided them with a good snapshot of their adult literacy and Essential Skills program practices, along with fresh insights on pathways for continuous improvement.

As a next step, CALS will consider the feedback and recommendations provided by the project teams and decide on the actions to be undertaken to gradually implement the QSA process for all service delivery providers in the province.

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