Nova Scotia Workplace Education Initiative (2009)

This document, part of a series of case studies on adult learning, offers a look at the Nova Scotia Workplace Education Initiative (WEI). The WEI operates as a partnership between business, labour, and government that provides learning programs for workers who need to upgrade their Essential Skills for work and community living.

When an employer or employee group expresses interest in having an Essential Skills training program in their workplace, a WEI field coordinator comes in to facilitate a needs assessment and a program planning process. The resulting training plan must be endorsed by a joint employer-employee project team.

Once a plan is in place, the WEI program covers instructors’ fees, while employers and employees are expected to contribute to other delivery costs. WEI courses typically involve 40 to 80 hours of contact time with groups of 8 to 12 employee-learners, and normally take place at or very near the workplace sites.

In post-program evaluations, about two-thirds of employers identified improvements in productivity, worker-management communication, and labour relations. Eighty-six percent of employees surveyed said that the WEI encouraged them to seek out further educational and training opportunities.

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