Palliser Furniture Ltd. (2009)

Palliser Furniture of Winnipeg, Manitoba, is a major manufacturer employing several thousand people, who come from more than 70 countries and speak more than 40 different languages. This document examines how offering educational opportunities has been good for both the business itself and its employees.

With the help of the Government of Manitoba, Palliser offers its employees training in Literacy and Essential Skills (LES), English as a Second Language (ESL), health and safety, computer skills, retirement planning, cultural diversity, and leadership training. In addition, the company supports a broad mix of professional and personal training workshops and courses for both managers and employees.

Key objectives of the Palliser programs include ensuring that employees have the right combination of generic employability skills and job-specific training to perform effectively in their jobs; identifying and developing employees who demonstrate leadership potential; reducing turnover, error rates, and costs associated with wasted material; helping employees meet the changing needs of their jobs; and improving employee morale.

The Palliser experience shows that successful workplace education programs are based on an unwavering belief in the capacity of adults to learn at any time during their lives, coupled with a strong commitment from senior management to engage employees and supervisors in the development and provision of training, says the author.

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