The Haves and Have Nots of Canada's Labour Market (2012)

In Focus - December 3, 2012

This discussion paper focuses on the mismatch between employment skills and labour supply in Canada, with both labour surpluses and labour shortages evident, depending upon the sector.

The author points out that on the one hand, jobs go unfilled for long stretches because of the lack of qualified applicants. But for a number of occupations, employment opportunities are becoming scarcer.

Recent adjustments to the immigration system are designed to ease skill shortages, but they are probably too small to deal with the current skill gap in the Canadian labour market, the author says. Increased focus on apprenticeship programs is also unlikely to provide a solution to chronic shortages in skilled trades.

The retraining of existing workers must be part of the long-term solution to solve the mismatch between skills and available jobs.

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