Frontier College - Annual Report 2012 (2012)

Literacy. Learning for Life

Frontier College is a national literacy organization that works in partnership with community organizations to provide learning opportunities for Canadians of all ages.

This annual report provides a quick look at some of Frontier College’s recent activities in Canadian communities, including a First Nations literacy camp in Saskatchewan; an adult newcomer literacy program in New Brunswick; and a labourer-teacher project providing one-to-one tutoring in workplaces in the Yukon.

The authors offer a numerical summary of the organization’s impact, pointing out that throughout the year, Frontier College volunteers worked with more than 19,000 participants across the country; distributed more than 65,000 books; and provided professional development for more than 3,500 participants in literacy workshops.

The report also includes financial statements for both Frontier College and the Frontier College Foundation, which raises money to support the organization’s programs.

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