First Steps in Participatory Practice (2000)

The Calgary John Howard Society Literacy Program undertook a Participatory Action Research Project, made possible through funding from the National Literacy Secretariat and Human Resources Development Canada The purpose of this project was to address the need for high interest, appropriate and relevant literacy learning materials for youth in conflict with the law and to give them the opportunity to take an active rather than a passive role in the development of learning materials for use by themselves and their peers, and in their own literacy learning and continuing educational endeavours. For more information please contact: S. Linda Keam, Literacy Coordinator, Calgary John Howard Society, 917 - 9 Avenue S.E., Calgary AB T2G 0S5, Tel. (403) 265-4566, Fax (403) 265-2845, email: WWW : This document is available online at : (01.06.14)

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