Dendìwò ke – Moosehide tanning process [Video – 21:05] (2011)

In 1998, BHP Billiton Canada opened the Ekati Diamond Mine in the Northwest Territories, Canada’s first surface and underground diamond mine. The company has held a series of workshops designed to help its multinational workforce learn about local Aboriginal culture, including the importance of the oral tradition in that culture.

This video features a moccasin-making workshop led by members of the Akaitcho Dene, who live north, east, and south of Great Slave Lake.

The video begins by showing the complicated process of tanning moosehide so it can be used to make moccasins, vests, and other items. The narrator explains that moosehide has clothed the Dene people for thousands of years.

An Akaitcho woman shows how she adds beaded embroidery to moosehide, starting with the sketching of a pattern.

The video ends with the workshop itself, where each participant sews a pair of moccasins.

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