Pualuk – Making crafts with sealskin [Video – 21:22] (2011)

Opened in 1998 by BHP Billiton Canada, the Ekati Diamond Mine in the Northwest Territories is Canada’s first surface and underground diamond mine.

The company has offered a variety of workshops to help its employees, who come from many different countries, learn more about local Aboriginal culture, including its strong oral tradition. A company official explains that the workshops give employees a far deeper understanding of the culture than they would get from simply reading about it in a newsletter.

In this video, Inuit elders explain the importance of the seal as a source of both food and clothing, and demonstrate how seal pelts are prepared before they are made into clothing. At the workshop, they teach Ekati employees how to make pualuk, the traditional Inuit sealskin mittens.

The video also features demonstrations of Inuit throat singing, drumming, and dancing.

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