Northern Light Legends [Video – 3:26] (2011)

This short video documents the northern lights, or aurora borealis, and the legends surrounding them.

The film crew travelled to Kugluktuk, the westernmost community in Nunavut, almost on the border with the Northwest Territories. From there, they travelled south to spend 10 days camping on the tundra, capturing the northern lights via time-lapse photography.

A Kugluktuk elder shares the stories about the northern lights that were passed down by her parents and their parents before them. She speaks in Inuinnaqtun, the language of the area, with subtitles added.

The video was funded by BHP Billiton Canada, developers of the Ekati Diamond Mine in the Northwest Territories. The company has used workshops and videos to help its multinational workforce learn more about local Aboriginal culture, including the importance of the oral tradition.

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