Portfolio for Youth - Facilitator's Guide (2005)

This facilitator’s guide is part of the Portfolio for Youth Development Kit, designed to help young people make the connection between both formal and experiential learning, and the Essential Skills required in a variety of occupations.

The kit is based on four underlying concepts: identifying multiple intelligences; identifying learning styles; examining occupations; and identifying occupational Essential Skills.

This guide is divided into five chapters, focusing on self discovery; setting goals; Essential Skills; developing the Essential Skills learning portfolio; and presenting the portfolio and oneself. Each chapter includes a list of outcomes and a variety of learning activities.

While the learning activities are directed at youth in the 15-19 age range, the kit can be adapted for use with adults. The authors note that while the kit is best incorporated into existing educational, leadership, and job-preparation programs delivered through high schools, community organizations, and groups for at-risk youth, it can be used independently as a stand-alone program.

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