Embedding Literacy & Essential Skills: Lessons from our research (2012)

This document outlines a three-year research project that explored a variety of ways to think about Literacy and Essential Skills in the context of the workplace, and developed strategies to engage people in actively embedding literacy in the workplace.

The authors explain that the project grew in part out of the disappointment of setting up workplace programs, running them for a few years, and then watching them end as soon as the funding ran out. They decided that a new strategy was needed, one with a potentially sustainable approach that would seamlessly fit into the rhythms of the work environment.

Researchers focused on healthcare, corrections, and Aboriginal service organizations. Those three sectors were chosen because the client bases and entry level workers tended to have literacy challenges, the authors note.

They present four lessons they learned through the project. The first three lessons are to listen and learn; to engage people in finding opportunities to imbed literacy in the workplace; and to embed in every way possible. The fourth lesson is to repeat lessons one through three.

The document also includes a detailed explanation of the structure and methodology of the project.

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