Evaluation Report: Made in the North (2013)

Formative and Summative Evaluation of the “Learning through Partnerships: A Pan-Northern Gathering Project”

In 2010, the literacy councils of the Northwest Territories, the Yukon, and Nunavut joined forces for a project that would culminate two years later in a three-day forum on adult learning, literacy, and skills development in northern Canada. The goals of the project, entitled Made in the North, were to explore northern-directed policies and practices that support adult learning; develop partnerships; and share knowledge.

This report offers an evaluation of the project, starting with the initial efforts and continuing through to the forum, held in October 2012.

The authors explain the challenges the organizers faced; provide a timeline for the project; and discuss what worked in the project, and the areas that needed improvement. They note that the event was truly “Made in the North” because of the representation of participants, especially Aboriginal northerners; the showcasing of northern programs and issues; limits on participants from the south; and focus on northern concerns.

Forum participants said they wanted conversations and networking to continue after the forum, both in their own territory and across territories. They are hoping for a website where they can access session presentations, and be able to share their work and resources.

Participants also said that they would like to see another forum like this one within the next two or three years. They suggested that the forum should move to another region and focus on the changes that people have been able to implement since the present forum.

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