Prepared for Success - 2010 - 2011 (2012)

A Study of the Success of Adult Upgrading Graduates in the First Semester of Postsecondary Programs

This document is the latest in a series of reports that examine the postsecondary outcomes of students who have moved on from upgrading programs to further education in Ontario’s college system. It is made up of charts and bar graphs that analyze and compare results for the past eight years.

It includes information on students’ choice of programs; numbers of students who switch programs; retention rates; and grade point average (GPA).

The authors note that in terms of retention and GPA, students from adult upgrading programs continue to demonstrate that they are well prepared to succeed, both academically and personally, in postsecondary education. Additionally, the low rate of program changes shows that adult upgrading programs have helped students make the appropriate program selections.

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