Common Questions about Career Ladders Answered [Video – 2:45] (2013)

The “career ladders” approach is designed to help those facing employment barriers, including low education levels, to participate more fully in the labour market. It is based on a series of connected literacy, language, and skills training programs that help individuals to find work within specific industries like retail and customer service, manufacturing, healthcare, and others.

In this brief video, John McLaughlin, manager of research and business development at Essential Skills Ontario (ESO), answers some questions about career ladders.

He says that in Ontario, the education and training systems are not fully aligned with industry. A career ladders approach would help align education and training with the workforce needs of growing and emerging industries. At the same time, the approach would help those who have not been able to participate fully in the labour force to achieve their goals.

There is evidence that the approach is working well in other places, so there is reason to believe that it would work in Ontario too, he adds.

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