ESI: Essential Skills Investigation – Episode 1 [Video – 15:55] (2007)

This video uses humour and pop culture references to help explain why Essential Skills are important for learning, work, and life.

The video begins with the death of a young man, Bill, in an accident involving a propane cylinder for a barbecue.

Essential Skills Investigation (ESI) agents sifting through the evidence quickly determine that three people each played a role in the accident: a gas station attendant, the gas station manager, and Bill himself. The accident happened because each of them either didn’t have the level of a particular Essential Skill they needed, or didn’t use the Essential Skills they did have.

The video’s producers use the kind of lighting, camera angles, and dialogue found in popular television crime dramas to engage the viewer and to make the point that Essential Skills are enabling skills that help people in all aspects of life.

The video and others in the series were funded by the British Columbia Human Resource Development Society and Sto:lo Nation Human Resource Development.

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