Getting Started: Tools and Resources [Video – 19:08] (2011)

This is the final webinar in a four-part series developed by the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum (CAF) as a guide for implementing Essential Skills (ES) training programs in the workplace.

It begins with two case studies that examine ES training at two companies: Syncrude, one of the largest producers of crude oil from Canada’s oil sands; and Minas Basin Pulp and Power, a Nova Scotia company that produces a variety of recycled paperboard products. Both companies saw improvements in employee retention, productivity, and absentee rates after introducing ES training.

The webinar presents a seven-step training implementation process that includes securing the approval and commitment of senior management; developing a project plan; implementation of the plan; monitoring; evaluation and improvement; marketing the benefits; and building on success.

The last part of the webinar introduces a variety of resources that support ES program, including Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC); the Construction Sector Council; and the CAF itself, a national organization that promotes apprenticeship as a means of training and education.

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